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The Disability Skills Passport

National Disability Services (NDS) is the Australian peak body for non-government disability services, representing over 1,100 non-government Service Providers.

The Disability Skills Passport is being led by NDS and its technology partner, Pegasus, as a simple way for Support Workers to show proof of their training and qualifications.

That means Service Providers and Participants know they are hiring and being supported by qualified workers, which is critical in the disability support sector.

The Disability Skills Passport benefits the sector and the workforce by:

  1. reducing duplication of training
  2. speeding up deployment of Support Workers
  3. facilitating Support Workers’ mobility within the sector
  4. increasing the recognition of skills in the workforce
  5. improving workforce retention rates

What is the Disability Skills Passport?

The Disability Skills Passport is a digital record of the training, qualifications, and capabilities of disability Support Workers.

It is a self-service online system. It works like this:

  1. Service Providers or Support Workers register a disability Support Worker’s profile in an online portal.
  2. In the portal, the worker uploads records of their training and qualifications. That information is verified by Disability Skills Passport technology partner, Pegasus.
  3. Once a Support Worker’s information is verified, they will be issued with a special Passport (eCard or physical card) which links to their online profile.
  4. Via a dedicated mobile app, the worker can show a Service Provider or Participant what they are qualified and trained to do.

How does it help?

The Disability Skills Passport helps everyone in the sector because it provides insight, portability, and proof.

  • It helps Support Workers, because they can prove they are fit for work and carry an online record of their qualifications and capabilities with them wherever they go.
  • It helps Service Providers because they can prove and check that their Support Workers are qualified and trained, and mobilise them to any location.
  • It helps Participants because they can check the profile of every worker and choose to only be supported by qualified and capable workers.

The Disability Skills Passport helps to fast-track employment while quality assuring the workforce. The data collected also provides valuable insight into the disability support industry, which helps when providing quality support and care.

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About Pegasus

Pegasus are workforce management specialists who manage the safety and compliance of millions of workers in their online platform. Pegasus software is powering the Disability Skills Passport platform and mobile app, where data about the skills and training of disability Support Workers is managed and verified.

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